Advertising strategy for driving school

Advertising strategy for driving school

Hello. We have completed the development of an advertising strategy for driving school LANGFELD.

1. The increase in the number of students in a driving school
2. Direct the main traffic of new students to a specific branch of a driving school

Our marketers, having studied the situation in detail, made the decision that the most urgent thing to accomplish the task was promotion in social networks (SMM). In case of shortage of the required number of students, apply offline promotion (billboards, advertising in the media, etc.)

Werbestrategie für die Fahrschule

What was done:
1. Analysis and identification of weaknesses of competitors within a radius of 50 km from all branches of a driving school
2. Selection of target audience (target audience) by geolocation, gender, age, interests
3. Billboard development
4. Setting up and launching advertising campaigns
5. Conducting advertising campaigns

In the first days after the launch of the advertising campaign, there is a positive trend! We think that we can do without an offline advertising campaign!

Well, for our client, we wish even more students and we, in turn, will help to realize our plan!


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