Development of a website for a company providing services

Development of a website for a company providing services

A customer contacted us with a request to develop a new website to increase orders, as the previous website completely did not fulfill the basic functions and did not bring any orders. Many people believe that the website does not play any role for business. They consider the main advantage — which is their skills, personality, etc. Yes, this is undoubtedly a big plus over competitors, but believe us, this is a very erroneous opinion. If you do not bring all the advantages of your company to the people, you will not have orders. Sure, there is advertising in newspapers, etc., but all this is nothing compared to the power of the Internet. Only there your potential client can open the card and see who provides the service of interest next to him and go to your website, which should keep it with correctly written texts, modern design and convenient feedback forms. Your website should make sure that the potential client turned to you specifically for the services, not your competitors.

We were a little distracted, but the information was useful and many of our customers do not take this into account before contacting us. And so, our client had a website that was developed on the website builder. The website builder alone cannot make up the correct selling website, and the website assembled in the constructor is not a specialist — this is a double loss, which happens to our clients. After all, if you come to a restaurant in which cockroaches run around the table, you will not stay in such a restaurant for dinner. The same situation with websites. You can ideally do the work that you provide, but if your website looks like a cheap eatery, then your customers will be insolvent, and normal customers will go to competitors.

Here is an example of such a website. It did not take us much time to find him, we just wrote the word electrician into a search engine. This is the main page of the company… There is an innovation section! What innovations can be discussed on such a website? This is a living example of how a website should not be!

We were again a little distracted. Let’s get back to our project. We developed a website on which we indicated, divided into sections and correctly described all the services that the company provides. For the convenience of doing business and customer base, we have configured and integrated the ZOHO CRM system. Registered them and set up corporate E-mail.

We registered and set up Google My Business account, uploaded photos to the account, provided contact information and opening hours. We selected and registered meta tags, according to which it became easier for potential customers to find this type of service, and, accordingly, the company of our client.

This company provides services only in German, therefore, the website was developed only in German. The website looks presentable, shows the solidity and scale of the company, the number of orders increased by 39%!

Well, our programmers adapted the website to all devices and screen sizes, i.e. the website is adaptive, it does not have three versions, mobile, tablet and desktop. It is adaptive and adapts to any gadget, window or full screen modes, etc. And it doesn’t matter which device to open it on, it will display perfectly everywhere.

You can fully appreciate the full functionality of the website by going to the company’s website using this link:


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