Development of a website for a driving school in Germany

Development of a website for a driving school in Germany

The customer turned to our studio with a difficult task… Due to the not presentable website that the driving school had before they contacted us and due to the long process of enrolling a student in a driving school, the number of students began to decrease. We were faced with the task of developing a new website and automating the entire process of recording new students, which should have been automatically placed in the control system of the entire driving school. We are used to working in the international CRM system Bitrix24, but unfortunately it is not very suitable for driving schools. We had to study a specialized driving school management system and integrate it into the website.

Now, after registering on the website, all the student’s data falls into the CRM system. The manager does not even have to enter data manually, the CRM system does everything itself. It remains only to bill and that’s it. The student has access to his personal account, in which he can not only track his accounts, but also take a theoretical training course.

When developing the website, elements of parallax and complex animations were used, which gave the website even more brilliance and the site looks “alive”. Many developers dissuade their customers from using parallax and animations on the website, appealing that this extra code and the website will work slower, etc., but believe us, if the website is developed by a normal studio, which employs experienced programmers, the website will always work fast and without glitches.

This driving school is one of the largest in the region and has three branches, respectively, the staff and its own fleet. Because the driving school was located in the accessibility to our studio, our photographers conducted professional photography of the branches of schools, employees and the fleet. Thus, it turns out that turning to us, the customer received all the services first-hand and he did not have to look for additional contractors for the project spending his time and nerves.

This driving school provides services in two languages: German and Russian, so the website is developed in two languages. Due to the comfort of visitors to the website, which looks presentable, the solidity and scale of the school shows, that the number of school students has increased by 47%! Well, our programmers have enhanced comfort by adapting the website to all devices and screen sizes, i.e. the website is adaptive, it does not have three versions, mobile, tablet and desktop. It is adaptive and adapts to any gadget, window or full screen modes, etc. And it doesn’t matter which device to open it on, it will display perfectly everywhere.

We also set up accounts in Google My Business and Google Mail. Photos were posted to the account in Google My Business, they entered information about each branch, indicated opening hours, contact information, etc. Now a driving school can be easily found on the map.

You can fully appreciate the full functionality of the website by going to the school’s website using this link:


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