Website development for a fur atelier in Moscow

Website development for a fur atelier in Moscow

Website development for ateliers, photographers, artists, etc., implies the placement of a large number of photos on the site. Frankly, not all website developers like such orders, because the more media content is on the site, the slower it works, i.e. pages open more slowly, and the website loading itself becomes longer. Our experts are not afraid of such tasks. We are well acquainted with any graphic editors and work with media files of any type and we know how to optimize them correctly for a website so that they do not affect the speed of the website, but do not lose quality.

In this project, a large amount of media content was used, but as you can see, everything works fine even at low Internet speeds. A complete adaptation of the website to all screen resolutions and any kind of gadgets was also made. This atelier is international and operates in two languages (Russian, English), for the convenience of website visitors, we have developed a project in two languages.

The site used parallax effects, galleries for media content and animations, which involves the website visitor in a kind of game and encourages him to view all the pages without leaving the website, and then perform the action we need (order a call or send a contact form). Proper placement of blocks using animations, parallax, etc. are called marketing moves. It is them who keep the visitor on the website and lead them throughout the page to the coveted “ORDER” button. Without knowledge of all these subtleties and without understanding the niche in which the customer’s business is located, it is impossible to develop a project that will bring orders and delight our customers, and when our customers are satisfied, this is the biggest reward for us!

Unfortunately, at the moment the market is full of unfortunate masters who mislead customers to websites and promise them to develop a selling product from 200 to 1,000 Euros, but in fact everything becomes sad. Typically, such developers are self-taught who do not understand business or website building, but assemble a website «on the knee» in a couple of days. They do not understand the competitive advantages of the customer, they do not study the market, etc. The worst thing is that such developers often use unlicensed software and can infect your project with viruses! After the development of the project, they usually disappear, because they are an individual entrepreneur or even a private person. From such developers you will never receive technical support for your project. Be careful when choosing an developer for your project!

We were a little distracted. Let’s get back to our project. We set up corporate e-mail on Yandex servers. We entered information on each branch on Yandex maps, indicated opening hours, contact information, etc. Now the atelier can be easily found on the map and in Yandex search.

You can fully appreciate the full functionality of the website by going to the website of the atelier at this link:


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