Website development for a manufacturing and construction company in Moscow

Website development for a manufacturing and construction company in Moscow

We have completed the development and launch of a large project for the Moscow manufacturing and construction company MiTek Russia.

The company is large and the market is not in their first year. But, as usual, in companies of this size there is no one to engage in marketing. All the time goes to production. We believe that everyone should do their own thing. If this is a manufacturing company, then it should produce, construction company – build, well, and specialists should deal with sales. Many do not think about it while there are orders, but if your company does not correspond to the modern market and the latest technologies in marketing, then the orders will end soon and your potential customers will go to competitors, even if their product is worse than yours, but with this sales strategy it will be better.

As we wrote above, this was not only the development of the website, but the development of a large project, including setting up, designing and filling pages on social networks. Customization of automation of processing applications, have been configured and filled the Blog with articles. Our experts have configured and updated CRM Bitrix24, online chat Bitrix24, as well as IP-telephony Bitrix24 and PBX 3CX. Our marketers have developed an individual sales strategy, including scripts for telephone conversations of managers with customers. Our programmers adapted the website for all types of devices, and copywriters wrote selling texts.

The company is located in Russia and provides services in Russian, therefore, the website was developed only in Russian, and all data was entered into the Yandex search engine. We set up accounts in Yandex.Directory, placed contact details on Yandex.Maps, and set up corporate mail on Yandex servers. Now it has become much easier for potential customers to find this company.

You can fully appreciate the full functionality of the website by clicking on this link:


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