Website development for an accounting bureau

Website development for an accounting bureau

Our next client became the owner of an excellent, modern website adapted to all devices.

Not only have we developed a website for the company, our designers have developed a logo for the company in three variations: vertical, horizontal and black and white. All three options are great for both printing and digital use.

The company is large and has been on the market since 2011. The design of the old site and its usability could not convey all the services of an accounting office to the site visitor. The visitor, not having received the necessary answers, simply left the site and the company was losing potential customers, and, accordingly, profit! We had to do a lot of work on rebranding. Now the company began to stand out among competitors, but the right SEO optimization for search engines will improve the position in search results!

The company is international and provides services in two languages: German and Russian, therefore, for the convenience of visitors to the site, we developed it in both languages. For international companies this is a very important point!

You can fully appreciate the full functionality of the website by going to the school’s website using this link:


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