Website development for Kick & Thaibox World Champion

Website development for Kick & Thaibox World Champion

We have completed the development of a website for the Thai and Kickbox school in Germany. The coach is Ramon Kübler, nicknamed “The Punisher.”

The website turned out bright and looks spectacular. Contrasting colors were chosen that concentrate the visitor’s attention in certain places and push him to perform an action, in our case, sign up for a workout.

Since a domain was already purchased from our client and hosted by a German provider, our specialists transferred it to the trusted global provider GoDaddy and set up DNS records on our trouble-free servers. Now the website will work without failures 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Like all websites developed by our company, an SSL certificate was received and installed, which guarantees a safe visit to the website. This has a positive effect on website conversion, as the visitor sees that nothing is threatening him on the website and his data will not be stolen. Also, an SSL certificate affects indexing by search engines. Websites that do not have an SSL certificate are not visited by search robots and do not appear in the search engine results, such as: Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.

Since the website is located on the territory of the European Union and the business is registered in Germany, it must comply with European law! The website must have an SSL certificate, Impressum, Datenschutz pages and many more nuances should be present. When developing a website, the developer must know and comply with the laws of the country where the website will be placed, otherwise the client may receive a rather big fine. Fines for non-compliance with DS-GVO legislation can reach up to 20 million euros. Many website owners do not attach any importance to this and think that they have a small business, they will not pay attention to them, but believe me, at the moment the DS-GVO project is only gaining momentum and in the future they will not miss a single website.

You can fully appreciate the full functionality of the website by going to the school’s website using this link:


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